Video Services

15-Second Animation
15 Seconds is perfect for a website intro, YouTube ad, TV commercial, and brief product overview. Get your customer's attention with this affordable motion graphic service.

30-Second Animation
Have too many great things to say and not enough time? Try getting the message across with a motion graphic video service. It's perfect for a short commercial or teaser!

60-Second Animation
Some products and services are so great that they take at least a minute to convey. Animated motion graphics are a great way for you to tell a story with ease.

Multimedia Consulting
Perfect for those who need an outside perspective or recommendations on how to improve on their current multimedia efforts. 

Premium Animated Logo
Ever feel like your logo is just... flat? Let Pixel Motion Studios bring life to your logo with animation rendered in full 1080p. Add it to your website, before a commercial, looping at trade shows or on DVD's.